White Blood Cell Differential: Methods Comparison
Indexus Method versus Beckman Coulter® AcT5™ and LH750 Hematology Analyzers Using Clinical Samples
Two reference instruments were used to evaluate the performance of our method for the resolution of the major white blood cell populations in human whole blood. The first reference instrument was the Beckman Coulter AcT5 hematology analyzer, and the second reference instrument was the Beckman Coulter® LH750 hematology analyzer. Results for each were compared with results from the Indexus method run on the Indexus TriSense Dx Multifunction Platform. Preliminary results shown below demonstrate excellent correlation. For completeness, we also compared the results from the two Beckman Coulter instruments with each other.
Indexus TriSense Dx versus Beckman Coulter® AcT5 
Indexus H5F versus Beckman Coulter® LH750
Beckman Coulter® AcT5 versus Beckman Coulter® LH750
Indexus TriSense Dx WBC Differential Patterns
(3-light scatter detectors deliver 5-part Diff)