Partnerships and Collaboration


The following patent pending technologies are available for licensing and/or strategic co-development partnership


1. A simplified and inexpensive method for 

5-part differential.


2. Reagent and method for the identification of basophils in whole blood using light scatter.


3. An integrated multifunction platform technology that provides CBC and immunoassay capabilities.


4. Label-free CD4 counting method and reagents.


5. A fast single-step, no-wash RBC lysis reagent and method for use in cellular immunology research applications.


We seek out partnerships and strategic collaborations to share our technologies and product development expertise and create win-win relationships that ultimately benefits our customers, the patients and the healthcare providers.
We will consider licensing our technologies for strategic development partnerships and future marketing and distribution agreements with the right partner. Currently we have several key technologies available in the area of hematology, flow cytometry and bead-based immunoassays. Our team members and associated network have deep domain expertise in hematology and flow cytometry, and have extensive experience in rapidly transforming technologies to commercial products.   

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